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A Clockwork Orange (1971)

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A Clockwork Orange (1971) 4.3.20
Featuring: Austin, Maxx

Commentary Track begins at 14:52

— Notes —

  • Film as a Subversive Art by Amos Vogel — We didn’t reference Vogel’s brief review of A Clockwork Orange during our episode, but it’s worth investigating for anyone interested. Vogel was a tremendous writer, and this book is a classic of film criticism. Highly recommended.
  • Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange edited by Stuart Y. McDougal — This Cambridge Film Handbooks edition of essays discussing the film was one of our primary resources in framing our conversations for this episodes; essays by Janet Staiger, Margaret DeRosia, and Peter J. Rabinowitz were particularly insightful. As is the case with most of the releases in this book series, this is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the film.
  • On Kubrick by James Naremore — Here’s an accessible and steadfast introduction into Kubrick’s work, which balances an historical account of his career alongside some thoughtful analysis and personal response. While I recommend it as an introduction, it certainly still has much to offer those (unbearable) people who’re already thoroughly familiar with Kubrick’s career/films. We don’t reference it specifically during this episodes – many of the resources it uses were made redundant by our other research – but its chapter discussing A Clockwork Orange remains an insightful and fun introduction to critical discussions on the film.
  • Don’t Look Now: British Cinema in the 1970’s edited by Dr. Paul Newland — We didn’t make reference to this book in the episode, but its a tremendous resource for learning about British cinema during this period. A Clockwork Orange is featured in an essay by Justin Smith examining the film’s demonstration of male anxiety.
  • “Kubrick, Stanley” by Keith Uhlich from Senses of Cinema — The Great Director Profile of Stanley Kubrick from Senses of Cinema.

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