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Horror Express (1972)

This week on The Spectator Film Podcast…

Horror Express (1972) 10.28.19
Featuring: Austin, Maxx

Commentary Track begins at 9:05

— Notes —

  • We watched the Arrow Video bluray release of Horror Express for the episode this week. It’s a wonderful release and probably the absolute best way to watch this movie right now.
  • Midnight Movie Monographs: Horror Express by John Connolly — This book is the only major piece of criticism available on the film we could find. It’s equal parts autobiography, history of the production, and examination of the film itself, and it makes for a wonderful read. Recommended to anyone who enjoys this movie and is curious to learn more.
  • Sex, Sadism, Spain, and Cinema: The Spanish Horror Film by Nicholas G. Schlegel — This book discussing Spanish horror cinema includes a chapter on Horror Express and has some worthwhile insights. I haven’t had an opportunity to finish the remainder of the book yet, but it seems like a fantastic choice for anyone curious about Spanish horror cinema.
  • En Casa Contigo — Here’s Silvia Tortosa’s Youtube channel! She posts lots of cooking videos, and she’s currently releasing a lot of Halloween recipes.

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